HI-RES (2006)

The video HI-RES by Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid is based on the dance performance HI-RES by Maja Delak and Male Kline. The video poses questions and give some unexpected answers to what is to be done in contemporary art/dance today, what are the limits of representation, as a frame/work/ that affects and infects contemporary dance, and what is the capacity of the dancing body in generating meaning for itself and the others. HI-RES develops powerfully two states of action and contemplation: boredom and dizziness. They are constantly perpetuated through politics and the analysis of the global capitalist system and its performative politics
HI-RES, video, digital Beta, 20.57 min, colour,
produced in collaboration with Zavod EMANAT,
Ljubljana and VPK, Ljubljana 2006
Original title: HI-RES
Title in English: HI-RES
Written and directed by: Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid
Text in the video written by Marina Grzinic
Choreography: Maja Delak and Mala Kline
Dancers: Maja Delak and Mala Kline
Actor: Gregor Zorc
Camera: Ivica Stojanovic
Camera assistant: Iztok Sajdl
Editing: Svetlana Dramlic
Post production of sound: Drago Kocis
The Song is performed by Stefan Geissler
and Jakob Ortis
Spoken languages: Slovenian, German
Subtitled version: English
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