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Into the Now. Performance on theory, politics and history (2017)

The video is a punctuated string of visuals and documents by Marina Gržinić and Aina Šmid ordered to better understand the speculative disaster by financial capital in the present. The paths are two, one is historical and the other lies in the possibility for analyzing contemporary forms of racism and processes of racializations that are — which are within Europe and the rest of the world — hidden behind the financial capital disaster crisis…

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Čista svoboda (Naked Freedom) (2010)

Naked Freedom conceptualizes the possibility of social change under the conditions of financial capitalism and its financialization processes that permeate art, the social, political and the critical discourse. The collective process of making the video “Naked Freedom” is about enactment

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Zvezdogled (Stargazer) (1997)

Stargazer is a video work in which six artists and activists from Eastern Europe display their processes of thinking, their conceptual stances, their credos: Vadim Fishkin, Leonora Mark, Maja Vauda, Tomaz Pipp, Sanja Grcic, Klaudija Poropat. The artistic and activist

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Bilokacija (Bilocation) (1990)

Post-socialism + Retroavant garde + Irwin, video, 1997

Deklica z oranžo (The Girl With Orange) (1987)

Moscow Portraits (1990)

Cindy Sherman or Hysteria Production Presents a Reconstruction of Sherman’s Photographs (1984)

Trenutki odločitve (Moments of Decision) (1985)

Labirint (Labyrinth) (1993)