TESTER (2005)

The video TESTER has been produced within the network collaboration of 5 artists coming from Ljubljana, Vienna, Lima, Johannesburg, Berlin and a group Rodriguez org. from the Basque Countries.
The video is about contemporary processes of labor, capital, and resistance. Five artists and a group meet in order to discuss space, architecture of power and life (including food), and troubles with the contemporary institutions and global capital. It is a video about performative politics, a fictional story that presents new directions within contemporary documentary strategies.
TESTER, digital video on DVD, 14 minutes, produced by Arteleku, San Sebastian, Spain, 2005
Screenplay by Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid
Camera: Rodriguez org.
Edited by Automata, Ljubljana
Music and effects by Grzinic and Smid
Participating in the video
NODES: Fundación Rodríguez, Marina Grzinic, José Carlos Mariátegui, Marcus Neustetter, Oliver Ressler, Hito Steyerl
OTHER PERFORMERS: Inaki Arzoz, Borut Mauhler and Aina Smid.
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