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Nekropolitika slovenske države, 30 let zgodovine

Slovenska nekropolitika deluje s tehnologijami izbrisa, ki se ponavljajo in spreminjajo, hkrati pa vztrajno temeljijo na dekontekstualizaciji. V zadnjem času se je tudi Slovencem nekropolitični akt, ki je bil dolgo časa zadeva “drugih”, začel kazati v novi luči – v obliki počasne smrti. Akumulacija kapitala za potrebe mafijske vlade v zadnjem obdobju živi od nekropolitične počasne smrti njenih prebivalcev.

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What is political art vis-à-vis violent erased counter-cultural histories?

Marina Gržinić, Aina Šmid

RTV magazine, no.1. Poznan 2019

These posters/diagrams/images and texts by Marina Gržinić and Aina Šmid are works that emphasize topics as colonialism, class, racialization, anti-heteronormativity, violent structure of power and subjugation, ghettoization. The visuals are not used as propagandist tools but try to capture the crudeness of social structures and power. […]

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East: bodies, borders and zonification (2016)

by Tjaša Kancler

The European unification, as Philomena Essed argues, has been foremost a project of whiteness. In a time, when it is said that Eastern Europe no longer exists, when Western Europe is also named “former”, the process of disappearance of certain borders implies its simultaneous multiplication and conversion into zones, border regions or territories. East is today operating as one of them. How, then, the way we conceptualize Europe changes if we rethink the silenced colonial/imperial history of European migration politics through the West-East relation of repetition, together with the coloniality of gender, the control of subjectivity and knowledge, the most extreme forms of exclusion and politics of death today? What potentialities for resistance are coming out from such analysis?

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Ljubljana: Nasilje proti Rogovcem in javni diskurz v interesu kapitala

Kritika stališč dr. Gregorja Tomca, zapisanih v intervjuju, ki ga je dal za Delova Ozadja dne 13. 06. 2016 v zvezi z dogodki, povezanimi z Rogom in Mestno občino Ljubljana v času od 10. 06. 2016 do danes.

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Neonecronomicon – review article by Stanimir Panayotov (2014)

In this review article I detail the main underpinnings for the radical analysis of necropolitics as proposed by Marina Grzinic and Sefik Tatlic in a new theoretico-territorial-temporal framework. The aim is to situate the dyad bio/necro in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) after the fall of the Iron Curtain, post-9/11 and post-2008…

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Dissident feminisms, anti-racist politics and artistic interventionist practices (2014)

Article published as part of ISSUE 4: Intervene! Artistic interventions. Collaborative and self-organized practices [ Focus: Anti-racist, feminist and queer perspectives]
Content Coordination: Rosa Reitsamer / Elke Zobl

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The Emergence of the Political Subject (2013)

by Marina Grzinic, March, 2013, Skopje / I took part in the conference in Skopje entitled Emancipation of the resistance, organized by NGO Kontrapunkt in collaboration with many partners in the region. The point of departure at the conference regarding

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Bilokacija (Bilocation) (1990)

Post-socialism + Retroavant garde + Irwin, video, 1997

Deklica z oranžo (The Girl With Orange) (1987)

Moscow Portraits (1990)

Cindy Sherman or Hysteria Production Presents a Reconstruction of Sherman’s Photographs (1984)

Trenutki odločitve (Moments of Decision) (1985)

Labirint (Labyrinth) (1993)