Žed (Thirst) (1989)

Thirst is a metamorphosis of the socialist realism way of existence and of its symbols. The story of a man facing his lost time and his indispensable future. It is also a video homage to Yugoslav black-wave films of the sixties. Thirst is also based on the 1965 film Three by Aleksander Petrovic.
A poetic and cruel drama, this video confronts life and death, the inability to fight against destiny. Documentary video shots using Macedonian imagery (Ohrid, early Christian/Byzantine centre and Turkish ambient) are juxtaposed with artificial video language and a new iconography. THIRST is an art video project that could be defined by the paradigm “red shining – blue history.”
THIRST, 1 inch C and U-matic, 8.20 min, colour, produced by:
International video colony Ohrid 89,
TV Skopje, l989
Distributed by: World wide video festival,
Den Haag
original title: ZED
written and directed by:
Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid
leading actor: Kiril Psaltirov
camera by: Dimitar Vladicki
editing by: Bane Popovic
post production sound by: Ljubim Kancev
music by: group Ninocka, Skopje
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