Regimes of Invisibility in Contemporary Art, Theory and Culture. Image, Racialization, History

Regimes of Invisibility in Contemporary Art, Theory and Culture

Image, Racialization, History

Editors: Gržinić, Marina, Stojnić, Aneta, Šuvaković, Miško (Eds.)

Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2017

This book places a focus on the regimes of in/visibility and representation in Europe and offers an innovative perspective on the topic of global capitalism in relation to questions of race, class, gender and migration, as well as historicization of biopolitics and (de)coloniality. The aim of this volume is to revisit theories of art, new media technology, and aesthetics under the weight of political processes of discrimination, racism, anti-Semitism and new forms of coloniality in order to propose a new dispositive of the ontology and epistemology of the image, of life and capitalism as well as labor and modes of life. This book is firmly embedded in the present moment, when due to rapid and major changes on all levels of political and social reality the need for rearticulation in theoretical, artistic and political practices and rethinking of historical narratives becomes almost tangible.


Racialized Bodies and the Digital (Financial) Mode of Production// Marina Gržinić

Politics and Aesthetics of Databases and Forensics// Adla Isanović

The Emancipation of Necrocapitalism: Teleological Function of Liberalism and the Optimization of Hegemony // Šefik Tatlić

The Impact of Western Society onto the Identity Politics of Sexual and Gender Minorities in Colonial and Post-colonial India // Aleksa  Milanović

Radical Contemporaneity // Aneta  Stojnić

Affective Constructions: Image—Racialisation—History // Miško Šuvaković

Spiritual Revolutions: Afropean Body Politics and the “Secularity” of the Arts //Alanna Lockward

“Contingent monuments:” *Constructions of Publicness in the Fascist Italy Exhibitionary Complex 1920s–1940s // Federica Martini

Screened Otherness: A Media Archaeology of the Romani’s Criminalization// Andrea Pócsik

The Painting and Its Histories: The Curious Incident of Rembrandt’s Painting Quintus Fabius Maximus // Jelena  Todorović


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