Troubles with Sex, Theory and History (1997)

“The work consists from the video, film and theoretical work by Grzinic & Smid (in the period between 1982 and 1997), and now classified on four levels of values ranging from – – to -+, and from +- to ++. It starts with pure chance or contingency (the user is the agency which chooses between the numbers 1 or 2). The user is a gambler. The numbers 1 or 2 are connectors that link up with different images, texts and interactions in the work. The images and interactions express function and redundancy on the one hand, and meaning, nonsense, chance, destiny and void on the other hand. It is not possible to travel through the four structures without changing them in accordance with our particular history, intimacy, prejudices and stereotypes. The user in order to proceed has to answer to questions, which are attacking his or her values, moral horizons and political affiliations. Unlike most CD-ROM structures, after choosing between 1 and 2 the user cannot change the path of events by leaping backwards and forwards. The user either proceeds up to the end, or else has to quit.” (Marina Grzinic)
“The work of Grzinic&Smid conquers the pervasive cultural images it cites, and gives us an alternative, one which brings us into a personal, provocative relationship with both history and art.”
(Kathy Rae Huffman)
Troubles with Sex, Theory & History
Interactive CD-ROM/DVD
Marina GRZINIC and Aina SMID
with Steffen Ruyl Cramer
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