Doma (At Home) (1986)

The story of the film At home takes place in the early 1950s. This is the story of a man and his part in the 2nd World war, during which he is forced to murder his wife. After the war he falls in love with another woman, whom he also has had to murder. The film “At home” evokes at least three themes: life as a field of memory to which everybody returns; the theme of impossible love; the inevitability of death. Formally the film tries to recapture the style and aesthetics of “film noire” of the 1950s. The structure of the film is also homage to Hitchcock, an impossible homage, because it is an attempt to make Hitchcockian suspense out of the socrealistic imagery and content.
AT HOME, 16 mm film, transferred on video,
U-matic, 30 min., black and white;
produced by SKUC-Forum, Ljubljana, 1986
original title: DOMA
written and directed by:
Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid
actors: Marina Grzinic, Jozef Roposa,
Borut Mauhler, Aina Smid, Lidija Babacic,
Mira Berginc, Matej Sekac (child)
camera by: Andrej Lupinc
sound by: Brane Atanaskovic
light by: Milan Prebil
editing by: Franci Slak
music by: Budy Holly and fragments
from classic music,
mixed by M. Grzinic & A. Smid
Scenario based partly on the Diary
of the Slovenian writer Edvard Kocbek.
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