O muhah s tržnice (On the Flies of the Market Place) (1999)

On the Flies of the Market Place is a video that deals with the idea of the European space, divided, sacrificed. In an exemplary visually constructed surrealistic world of facts and emotions, using documents from books and magazines the video raised the question of rereading the European space: East and West Europe. With references to history, philosophy (Kant) and arts the video is elaborating the idea of the Eastern Europe as the indivisible remainder of all European atrocities. Eastern Europe is a piece of shit and the bloody symptom of the political, cultural and epistemological failures of this century.
O MUHAH S TRZNICE (On the Flies of
the Market Place)
video, Betacam SP PAL, 8.00 min, colour,
produced by theatre PRESERNOVO GLEDALISCE, Kranj, Slovenia and
VPK Ljubljana, 1999
original title: O MUHAH S TRZNICE
title in English: On the Flies of the Market Place
written and directed by:
Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid
actors/performers: Vesna Jevnikar,
Pavle Rakovec, Darja Reichman, Ivan Rupnik, Vesna Slapar, Uros Smolej, Matjaz Visnar
camera by: Janez Stucin
edited by: Aljaz Rogelj
sound by: Omar Karalic
graphics/animation: Stanka Brljevic
music by: Eduard Miler (mix)
spoken languages: non
text written by Marina Grzinic
text in Slovenian, translated in English;
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