Luna 10 (The Butterfly Effect of Geography) (1994)

Inserts from neo-avant-garde films by Emir Kusturica, Zivojin Pavlovic and Zelimir Zilnik made in the so-called Yugoslav film period of the 1970s and 1980s are re-read, re-worked, re-coded in a video story contemplating the role of different media in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the time of world internet communications, cyborg stories and world spread computer nets. If it is true that we all part of a giant hypertext, coded by adapted and shortened CD-ROM histories, then why not try to display the video picture as hypertext, as the one which will show the hidden spots of our history and present?
The video was shown in the competition program of the Oberhausen Film Festival 1995 and was awarded at the Film Festival in San Francisco, 1995.
LUNA 10, video, Betacam SP PAL,
10.35 min., colour, stereo,
produced by TV Slovenia, 1994
original title: LUNA 10
written and directed by:
Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid
actors: Aljosa Rebolj, Blazka Müller
music by: Cyberbass (Peter Penko and
Katarina Radman)
camera by: Miso Cadez
editing by: Tomo Zajc
sound by: Franci Suhadolnik
graphics by: Alenka Martincic
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