Rdeči čeveljčki (Red Shoes) (1994)

RED SHOES rework and remake for the video camera the modern dance choreography by Sinja Ozbolt.
The surroundings, the architectural settings of the video dance work is a carefully chosen by Grzinic/Smid.
This is a place “with the past” – an army barracks complex (Metelkova) in the centre of Ljubljana.
The Metelkova army barracks complex was in the 1990s squatted by Slovene artists, cultural workers, civil rights and peace movement activists, fighting against the Slovenian state and the city of Ljubljana authority in order to get a place for new social and artistic activities. Metelkova is a sign of the battle for new civil and cultural rights in Slovenia in the 1990s.
Practically is not possible to distinguish the dancers and their choreographed movements from the various images, contexts, vibrations, places and the sound. The sound is the integral part of the dance, to the point that the dance is the sound, but also the video image and the surroundings.
The video got the award at TTV Riccione TV-video-theatre festival in Italy, 1995.
Betacam SP PAL, 8.00 min, colour,
produced by Plesni teater Ljubljana and
Video Production Kregar, Ljubljana, 1994
original title: RDECI CEVELJCKI
directed by: Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid
choreography by: Sinja Ozbolt
dancers: Olga Kori, Fredi Fontanot,
Dominika Kacin, Jana Menger,
Ursula Terzan, Sabina Potocki
music by: Mario Marolt
camera by: Mirko Simic
editing by: Andrej Kregar
sound mixed by Grzinic/Smid
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