Labirint (Labyrinth) (1993)

This video dance project is a sort of condensed poetical and cynical look on the situation in the ex-Yugoslav territory. Hysterical and hectic dance movements are put in juxtaposition with surrealistic artificially constructed imageries, based on Magritte’s paintings and documentary shoots of the refuge camps, where Bosnians refuges lived in Ljubljana.
The crucial moment of the video work is the “installation” of the body in the traumatic places of the outer and inner world. The architecture of misery and deprivation: refuges camps, zoological gardens, rooms with odds and found images etc., forms a specific territory that forces the body, the psyche and memory (of dancers) to final solutions.
The video Labyrinth got the award for produce a new video work at ZKM in Karlsruhe at the manifestation Deutscher Videokunst Preis 1993 (awarded by ZKM/Karlshruhe& SWF/Baden-Baden); Labyrinth was also nominated for the Video Dance Creation Awarding at the GRAND PRIX VIDEO DANSE manifestation in Paris, December 1993; Labyrinth got the first award for the originally composed music at IL COREOGRAFO ELETTRONICO, 1994, Napoli, Italy; Labyrinth is included at the exhibition EUROPE, EUROPE, Hundred Years of Avant-garde in Central and East Europe in Bonn, 1994.
11.45 min., colour, stereo,
produced by TV Slovenia, 1993
Original title: LABIRINT
Written and directed by: Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid
Choreography by: Tanja Zgonc
Dancers: Matjaz Faric, Fredi Fontanot,
Dominika Kacin, Vesna Lavrac,
Sinja Ozbolt, Mateja Rebolj
Music by: Borut Krzisnik
Camera by: Andrej Lupinc
Sound by: Drago Kocis
Editing by: Zdene Kuzmic,
Milan Milosevic, Andrej Modic
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