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Utopia of Alliances, Conditions of Impossibilities and the Vocabulary of Decoloniality (2013)

Edited by the Editorial Group for Writing Insurgent Genealogies
(Carolina Agredo, Sheri Avraham, Annalisa Cannito, Miltiadis Gerothanasis, Marina Gržinić, Marissa Lôbo and Ivana Marjanović)

This book is the outcome of the processes of studying, learning and de-learning, established over the last six years in the Post-Conceptual Art Practices (PCAP) class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna…

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New-Media Technology, Science and Politics (2008)

New-Media Technology, Science and Politics The Video Art of Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid Marina Grzinic, Tanja Velagic (Hg.) Das Buch ist ein Reader zum Thema Videokunst, die aus einer wissenschaftlichen und medientechnologischen Perspektive sowie innerhalb des Diskurses um Bedingungen

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Mind the Map!-History is not Given (2006)

East Art Map Mind the Map! – History is Not Given **A critical anthology based on the Symposium** Edited by Marina Grzinic, Günther Heeg and Veronika Darian Distributed by revolver, Frankfurt am Main, 2006 ISBN: 3-86588-165-3 – A project by

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Trenutki odločitve (Moments of Decision) (2006)

TRENUTKI ODLOČITVE Performativno, politično in tehnološko Umetniški video, filmska in interaktivna večmedijska dela Marine Gržinić in Aine Šmid 1982–2005 Uredili Marina Gržinić in Tanja Velagić download book in pdf>> DVD /TRENUTKI ODLOČITVE, Performativno, politično in tehnološko download pdf>> NAPOVEDNIK IZIDA

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Une fiction reconstruite : Europe de l’Est, post-socialisme et rétro-avant-garde (2005)

Recensione di Franco Torriani Une fiction reconstruite: Europe de l’Est, post-socialisme et rétro-avant-garde is the French version, recently published by l’Harmattan, Paris, of an intriguing and profound essay of Marina Grzinic, the Slovenian philosopher, indipendent art critic, video and media

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Estetika kibersvijeta i učinci derealizacije (2005)

download book in pdf>>

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Fiction Reconstruced: Eastern Europe, Post-Socialism and the Retro-Avant-Garde (2000)

Written by the Slovenian philosopher and media artist Marina Grzinic – Published by edition selene Vienna + Springerin, Vienna, 2000. In Englih, 230 p. with b/w reproductions. From the introduction in the book Fiction Reconstructed by Marina Grzinic. Published by

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Bilokacija (Bilocation) (1990)

Post-socialism + Retroavant garde + Irwin, video, 1997

Deklica z oranžo (The Girl With Orange) (1987)

Moscow Portraits (1990)

Cindy Sherman or Hysteria Production Presents a Reconstruction of Sherman’s Photographs (1984)

Trenutki odločitve (Moments of Decision) (1985)

Labirint (Labyrinth) (1993)