Reartikulacija #3 (2008)

Reartikulacija #3
Artistic-political-theoretical-discursive platform
March 2008 /

Reartikulacija is an art project of the group Reartikulacija (Marina Gržinić, Staš Kleindienst, Sebastjan Leban and Tanja Passoni). It is based on a precise intervention logic; through contemporary political theory, critic, art projects, activism and selforganization, it aims to intervene in the Slovene, Balkan and international space. The platform allows networking with other political subjects, activists, artists, who are interested in the possibility to create and maintain a dialogue with concrete social and political spaces in Slovenia, Europe and worldwide. The platform is organized on several levels: a journal, creation, production and organisation of exhibitions, lectures, presentations and organisation of autoeducational processes/school for radical theory. The project is structured in such a way to allow for a constant changing and upgrading of each issue/exhibition/lecture according to a specific context and due to collaborators from Slovenia and abroad, who are given full autonomy based on their historical, political and artistic backgrounds.

Reartikulacija takes as a proper credo a process of constant self- and political-artistic-theoretical education that is used for interventions in the social and political spheres with the idea to establish different political and theoretical practices for contemporary art seen as a social practice. The logic of this intervention is a formulation of a contemporary discourse, which is not only limited to formal solutions but is based on research and application of new radical critical strategies in terms of content. Reartikulacija is an artistic project with a precise intervention logic based on the belief that with a critical, political and artistic discourse it is possible to produce significant changes in the wider socio-political space.

Sodelujoči avtorji v pričujoči številki/Contributing authors in this issue: Dmitry Vilensky, St. Peterburg/St. Petersburg, Rusija/Russia; Subhabrata Bobby Banerjee, Newtown, Avstralija/Australia; Marina Gržinić, Ljubljana, Slovenija/Slovenia; Tatjana Greif, Ljubljana, Slovenija/Slovenia; Ana Vujanović, Beograd/Belgrade, Srbija/Serbia; Marta Popivoda, Beograd/Belgrade, Srbija/Serbia; Ana Vilenica, Pančevo, Srbija/Serbia; Šefik Šeki Tatlić, Sarajevo, BiH in/and Zagreb, Hrvaška/Croatia; Nataša Velikonja, Ljubljana, Slovenija/Slovenia; Staš Kleindienst, Ljubljana, Slovenija/Slovenia; Sebastjan Leban, Ljubljana,
Slovenija/Slovenia; Katja Kobolt, Ljubljana, Slovenija/Slovenia; Katharina Morawek, Dunaj/Vienna, Avstrija/Austria; Žolta kronika, Ljubljana, Slovenija/Slovenia; Ivana Marjanović, Beograd/Belgrade, Srbija/Serbia; Eduard Freudmann, Dunaj/Vienna, Avstrija/Austria; Irwin, Ljubljana, Slovenija/Slovenia.

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