Vzhodna hiša (The Eastern House) (2003)

The Eastern house is a video that reread some key names and some keysequences from the film history: Antonioni (Blow-up), Coppola (Apocalypsenow), Don Siegel. As well it re-articulates the body and conceptual happenings performed in the Eastern European context. The video is a homageto Nesa Paripovic happenings and body actions from the 1970s in Belgrade. The text is a political intervention in the field of theory regarding the question of global capitalism and the radical position of technology in the cyberworld with a clear reference to a cyberfeminst attitude and positioning. In this respect the question of sex and empathy in the cyberworld is raised as well as the ethical and political questioning of cloning and hybrid identities. As one of the key moment in the video is the re-reading of the Bush’s USA war against Iraq, 2003.
VZHODNA HISA (The Eastern House)
video, digital Beta, 17.33 min, colour,
produced by Zavod za umetniski
video and VPK Ljubljana, 2003
original title: VZHODNA HISA
title in English: The Eastern House
written and directed by: Marina Grzinic, Aina Smid
text written by Marina Grzinic
actors/performers: Olga Kacjan,
Marko Mandic, Barbara Kukovec
camera by: Miha Tozon
edited by: Urban Potocnik
sound by: Drago Kocis
graphics/animation: Grzinic/Smid
music by: Grzinic/Smid
mix of 1minute from the Bosnian
rap work of Edo Maajka
spoken languages: Slovenian
subtitled version in English
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