Being Subversive and Looking Good in the End Means to Obey (2010)

The current exhibition sets an example to this. ‘Encounters in Relational Geography – Dust, Ashes, Residua’, curated by Richard Appignanesi under the directorial of Gulsen Bal who initiated Open Space, attempts to elaborate the question: is the area of central and south-east Europe, branded as East Europe, really accounted as European ‘added value’? Seven East European artists were invited to comment on the ‘space for life’ in the neoliberal capitalist reconstruction and reterritorialization of East Europe, as proposed in the brochure describing the exhibition and its works. And it continues: ‘Vienna, the former imperial lynchpin of trans-territorial peoples, is the ideal “in-between” site for this exhibition.’ Museum in Rajasthan are two – the broommaking and the origins of the European Roma in Rajasthan, India. The Slovenian artist Sašo Sedlacek directly refers to India in his artwork AcDcWc (Merda d´Artista) in complementary relation to social misery and recycling technologies. The technologies developed by the poorest strata in India for recycling excrement into energy are represented in his work by light bulbs ‘plugged’ to tins of ‘artist’s shit’ (a wink at Piero Manzoni’s Arte Povera irony) and an intense sweet aroma vaporized and dispersed in the air. So, long live waste-packaged technologies and the sweetsmelling environment, hiding its real smell! (by Ivan Jurica)

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