LUNA PARK (1997)

LUNA PARK was a video interactive project, which played almost literally on the card of communication/discommunication. Today we have to have digitized/numbered cards to live properly to go to the bank or to enter a hotel room. Although instead of the digitized card the visitors of the Luna Park got a paper with a personal number printed in red, both elements, the red colour and the old, slow printed device, delivering the number, were used to underline the artists’ socialist background. After receiving his or her personal number, the visitor or user had to insert the number in a computer installed in a huge red box or better to say doom. The result was a multiscreen projection of a unique, personal story composed from images about the war in ex-Yugoslavia, history, love, sex, etc. A unique story was composed randomly from inserts from Grzinic and Smid video and film works, which were selected and edited by a computer. To each number belonged a unique approximately 2 minutes long story. Moreover, always when the same number was inserted in the computer, the same two minutes story was replayed. The visitor or user could replay, re-memorize and repeated his or her personal story indefinitely. Only one visitor was allowed to enter the red doom, and it was not possible to see the projection of his or her personal story from outside the red doom.
With LUNA PARK we grasp the discommunication/communication topic, so to speak, from within, as all the personal numbers were selected randomly by the computer and all the personal stories, too. The visitor got his or her personal media space/ that is one of the most difficult task of any art media project, due to the general and constant globalisation tendency of mass and digital medial, but then he or she realized that this most inner private space was something completely randomly generated, was a product of the machine and not of a deep emphatic intercommunication.
The structure of his or her intimate space, and the communication with it, was a result of a machine real time discommunication.To underline this communication/discommunication error, short circuit, the computer itself from time to time randomly selected instead of his or her personal story an interface error situation.
Intercommunication Center ICC in Tokyo, as part of the ICC Media Biennial Manifestation, 1997
Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid: interactive video installation with a title LUNA PARK
The installation visually and theoretically focused on the topic of communication/discommunication, proposed by the organizers as the topic of this first ICC Biennial Manifestation in 1997.
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