Relations: 25 Years of the Lesbian Group ŠKUC-LL (2012)

This documentary video film is about the 25 anniversary of the lesbian group ŠKUC-LL (1987-2012) and about the lesbian movement in former Yugoslavia. It is a project that visualizes, and define the context for the movement and of the LGBTQ community within and with relation to politics, economics, culture, arts and legal institutional structures; this contextualization works on two layers: first from the decaying socialism to neoliberal capitalism, and then in the time of the 1990s it depicts the transition to a present, bloody neoliberal global capitalism. The video film includes analysis of the movement in the EU after 2004, when Slovenia became a member of EU, and includes discussions and analysis of the “climate” that followed the discussions and rejection of a new family code in Slovenia in 2012. The family code was rejected by a referendum in March 2012, the majority decided negatively on basic human rights for same sex unions and their children. A special place is given in the film to the Pride Parades in the ex-Yugoslavian territory.

The video film presents a variety of processes of marginalization and the struggle for rights of the lesbian and LGBT community in Slovenia and wider in ex- Yugoslavia. It is a struggle for visibility, but as well a testimony of the incredible power of the lesbian movement, its artistic and cultural potential, critical discourses and emancipatory politics. The film consists of interviews, documents, art projects, nightlife, political appearances, and critical discourse. The film as well talks about Europe, global world capitalism and the status of lesbians today. Other topics that are covered are alliances, history, the relations and alliances with feminism, gay, transgender and queer, AIDS and the diction of homosexuality. It gives a harsh critique of discrimination, racism, fascism in Europe today.

This is NO budget film as it is made without a single cent of investment by government or NGOs.


Authors: Marina Gržinić, Aina Šmid, Zvonka T Simčič
Length: 84 min 02 sec, 2012, color, sound
Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, with English subtitles
DATA ON THE FILM Directed by Marina Gržinić Aina Šmid Zvonka T Simčič
LGBTQ community, Ajgul Hakimova, Aldo Ivančić, Barbara Rajgelj, Bogdan Lešnik, Danijela Almesberger, Guy Hocquenghem, Kristina Hočevar, Lepa Mlađenović, Marina Gržinić , Mojca Dobnikar, Nada Vodušek, Nataša Sukič, Nataša Velikonja, Nela Pamuković, Nina Hudej, Petra Hrovatin, Sanja Juras, Simona Jerala, Slon in Sadež, Suzana Tratnik, Tatjana Greif, Toni Marošević, Urška Sterle
Concept by Marina Gržinić
Camera by Zvonka T Simčič
Camera at locations Urška Djukić, Goran Lazin, Valerija Zabret
Editing by Marina Gržinić, Aina Šmid, Zvonka T Simčič
Sound by Zvonka T Simčič
Music in the film: Party Girl, Chinawoman; Borghesia; Smak svita, TBF
Used on-line materials: Pride parade, Belgrade, 2001; Pride parade, Split, 2011
Used archive materials: ŠKUC Gallery 1983-88, directed by M. Gržinić and Božo Zadravec; Lesbian Rebellation, 2007
Art photographs by Jane Štravs
Filmed in Ljubljana and Belgrade in 2012.
Producer: Zvonka T Simčič; Produced by Zavod CCC, Ljubljana 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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