East European Feminisms: Interview with Marina Gržinić

Feminist Encounters: A Journal of Critical Studies in Culture and Politics


 eISSN: 2468-4414
Editor-in-chief: Sally R Munt, University of Sussex

 Current Issue (2020, Volume 4, Issue 2)

East European Feminisms

Guest Editors: Maria Bucur, Krassimira Daskalova and Sally R Munt

Part 1: The History of East European Feminisms

Part 2: East European Feminisms and General Articles

“The question remains whether European queer politics can be seen without a more precise re-elaboration of the relation between queer – and the other two constructed social categories of nationality, and race? And if we erase race from our critical framework of queer, our conceptualisation of queer (in the relation to nation-State and its processes of racialisations) – wouldn’t our institutionalised, structural and social racism(s) end up naturalising what as feminist thinkers and activists we would wish to denaturalise?”

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